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Jeanette James, Founder, headshot

Hi, I am Jeanette James, founder of Credibility Coaching Plus. 
I believe anyone can improve their performance by being resilient, authentic and trustworthy and, over time, gain a strong reputation for generating credibility and inspiring others.  I am a qualified Executive Coach, with over 20 years experience coaching individuals, teams and organisations, PLUS design and delivery of multiple successful leadership development programmes and business change initiatives. 

With extensive management and consultancy experience across both private and public sectors,  I can totally relate to the challenges you face, helping to heighten the resilience, credibility and performance of your organisation by moving theory and ambition into leadership practice and better outcomes.

Research shows us that high levels of credibility are needed to deliver the enabling conditions in which significant change can thrive.*  My coaching plans and development programmes are always designed with your needs' in mind, helping you to be highly regarded, influential and trusted.

Want to experience the expertise of Credibility Coaching Plus for yourself? Book a free and confidential discussion via our online booking system, or contact me direct today and let’s get going!

* 'Landing transformational change: Closing the gap between theory and practice', CIPD (2015)

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