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Resilient hybrid leader programme

Ride the wave

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When your organisation's resilience is high, you're in a much better position to safely sail in ever-changing seas,

with an engaged workforce that remains agile, energised and resourceful. 

Resilient leadership can help stop the surge of talent turnover, caused by lack of fulfilment, trust, care and opportunity[1], and minimise the negative effects of task and relationship conflicts that remote or hybrid working can inadvertently bring [2] 

This programme enables managers to become more resilient leaders by understanding their personal resilience capacity and enabling them to be more energised, more engaged, more resourceful and more agile, and in turn enable a more resilient organisational culture and a more resilient workforce.

Want to experience the expertise of Credibility Coaching Plus for yourself? Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do together.

[1]PwC and McKinsey reports, (May 2022) [2] S.Sonenshein (April 2022)

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