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Credibility Plus Services

Helping your organisation thrive in a world of continual change

Have you noticed how 'traditional' courses can have limited impact on organisational policy and culture aspirations? A huge amount of time, money and effort is spent each year on training, but results can be short-lived.

Our progressive development programmes are designed to turn your goals and promises into sustainable, credible management practice.   They can be tailored to the needs' of either experienced or aspiring managers, who complete self-assessment, group workshops, action learning sets and one-to-one coaching. Taking this type of multi-faceted approach is up to four times more effective in improving performance (Olivero et al) and according to the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, provides a positive and productive learning experience for participants.

See below how we can help your managers to:

  • Lead and manage resilience

  • Develop key leadership behaviours

  • Lead and manage change

  • Coach for better individual and team performance

Leading wellbeing and resilience

sailing on the sea.jpg

Riding the wave

When your organisation's resilience is high, you're in a much better position to safely sail the ever-changing seas, with an engaged workforce that remains agile, energised and resourceful. 

Stop the 'leaks' caused by lack of fulfilment, trust, care and opportunity* and deal more effectively with the frictions and stress  that can occur from everyday work challenges, including hybrid working or remote working. read more

Client case studies and feedback

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* Mckinsey (2022), PWC (2022)

Leading change programmes

Public Speaker

Develop trust and lead the way

Leading change is demanding and can be done well or not so well.  Our evidence-based, leading change programmes are tailored for individuals or teams, focusing upon either strategic leadership to create vision, build trusting alliances and generate engagement, or tailored to operational management challenges,  enabling managers to re-define their services, generate engagement and remove barriers as they navigate their way through the next transformational change.

Read our client case studies and feedback

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Coaching for performance

Business Meeting

Enabling cultural change

This practical programme examines different aspects of coaching as part of an ongoing relationship between a manager and their team, developing a range of behaviours that influence their own performance and the performance of others.  Through a range of learning activities and peer coaching, managers develop skills that can help clarify goals and expectations, influence motivation and commitment, provide constructive feedback and optimise potential within the team through value of diversity and inclusion.

Read our client case studies and feedback

Leadership development programmes

Conductor Leading Orchestra

Inspire and orchestrate success

Leadership is a way of being and doing - not a job title.  For organisations to thrive, leadership needs to be demonstrated in diverse ways by many, rather than the few.  Our leadership programmes target your organisational needs' and are tailored for either experienced or aspiring managers.  Participants complete self-assessment, group development workshops, action learning sets and one-to-one coaching, raising the likelihood of programme effectiveness four-fold (Olivero et al).

Read our client case studies and feedback

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