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Business Growth Coaching

Generate more productive client relationships and take back control of your success!

Are you ready to 're-set' and take back control of your business, rather than your business controlling you?  

The most resilient business leaders ensure they keep agile and 'on the front foot', building upon previous business challenges and successes, generating productive marketing habits and insights that can lead to future business opportunities.   We can help you identify and work on your unique business growth priorities through a confidential coaching programme that enables you to:

  • Gain key insights from your previous results

  • Identify the potential clients you want to work with, and develop future service provision

  • Target the most productive marketing methods for you

  • Develop your confidence, communication and networking skills

  • Design and implement a robust business growth plan


A typical business growth coaching programme consists of:  An initial 'discovery call' to set you up for success; a series of 6 confidential, individual coaching sessions; a personalised coaching journal that builds into a great reference toolkit;  development audits;  practical business growth activities; a complimentary follow-on programme impact coaching session and access to an ongoing, peer-support group.

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