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Team coaching

Collaborate and perform

Through the use of great questions and interactive dialogue, a coaching programme provides greater definition of team strengths, performance challenges and potential solutions. Teams are able to clarify a unified sense of purpose, remove barriers and increase resilience, enabling the behaviour changes necessary to sustain collaboration and credibility.  See examples below and contact us to discuss your specific needs' in confidence.

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Team leadership coaching

A great team doesn't take its leadership success for granted.  It evolves, innovates and navigates the way ahead. *   Through consultation and tailored design, our  bespoke leadership team coaching programmes deliver the collaborative teamworking practices needed to optimise credible team leadership. Read more

*McKinsey, 2020

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Team wellbeing and resilience coaching

By pulling together to work on factors that influence team resilience, you are better equipped to sustain the energy and drive needed to deal with the friction and stress that can occur from everyday work pressures, and manage the challenges of change that cause volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA). Read more

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Team performance coaching

Great teams don’t just happen, they trust and believe in each other with heightened awareness of what influences their performance. Tailored to your needs’, our team development programmes put theory into action, with a variety of assessment options available, including MBTI™.

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Peer group coaching

Through a series of facilitated 'action-learning' sessions with guiding questions and dialogue, the group explore and evaluate their personal challenges, receive peer support and constructive feedback. Peer group coaching provides time and ‘thinking space’ to realise personal confidence and capability, aiding effective, continuing professional development (CPD) by building on the relationship between reflection and action.

Read our case studies and feedback

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Team Coaching: Careers
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