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Making a difference


Professional coaching

National Return to Work Programme - Planners (2021)

Individual coaching sessions were provided throughout a 2-month programme to all 23 participants, aiming to:

  • Help each to identify and manage the steps they need to take towards their employment goals

  • Empower, enable and encourage them.

By end of the programme, one participant had appointed to new role and the others had gained confidence to start applying for new jobs. 

Coaching Feedback:  Its made me think about how I can best deal with my challenges – if I am not comfortable in the future I will ask more questions or share what I am thinking’, ‘It was productive and enlightening’, ‘I am going to intentionally force myself to do something right for me’, ‘I am ready and my self-healing has started.  I feel good’, ‘I realise I need to define my values and identify what I need to be more motivated’, ‘‘I found it useful and was able to open up’.


Action Learning Sets

National Return to Work Programme - Planners (2021)

3 'Sets' of up to 8 participants met throughout a 2-month programme, aiming to:

  • Facilitate discussion about their experiences and work through any challenges that may have arisen.

  • Provide a platform for mutual support and empowerment.

By the end of the programme, participants indicated they wanted to continue meeting regularly as they valued the interaction so much, and set up an online contact group via a social media platform.  

Action Learning Set Feedback: Themes emerged across all sets -

  • Appreciation for getting to know other participants and hearing about their experiences.  Providing a catalyst for group psychological safety and an opportunity for ‘bonding’.  Connecting with each other and knowing others were experiencing similar thoughts, feelings and challenges. ‘Just knowing others are in the same position kept me going’.

  • Valuing the opportunity to discuss programme challenges, considering suitable options and coming up with solutions that would work. Sharing interpretation of homework expectations and examples of how they had approached the requirements. 

  • Benefits of having a method for reflection and constructively challenging themselves.  Helping each other make small adjustments to influence behaviour and outcomes.

  • Helping to decompress and cope with pressures they were experiencing.  ‘Part of the programme where I can exhale and breathe’.


Professional Development Programme  

National Return to Work Programme - Planners (2021)

Individual coaching sessions and group action learning sets were delivered online as part of a 2-month, return to work programme for planners.  

National Programme organiser's Feedback:  ‘I would like to say a very big thank you on behalf of PAS, the LGA and the Government Equalities Office for your involvement and support in the “Return to Work – Planning” programme.'  'A number of the learners are now securing interviews for roles and before the programme ended our first learner secured a job in Development Management.'