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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you customize your services for each client?

Every client's needs' are unique.  We offer free, introductory online or in-person meetings options before producing a clear, concise programme proposal that include initial situational audit/analysis options as required.

My managers are struggling with changes in the organisation. Can you help us with staff engagement and retention?

There are many factors that influence staff engagement and retention.  We can work with you to identify relevant factors and tailor management development initiatives that can make a long-term difference.  Read our case studies and book a free and friendly introductory discussion.

How do I know that Credibility Coaching Plus is the right service partner for me?

Our reputation for providing quality work, with great impact and value for money for our clients is everything to us.  Read our client case studies to find out more and book a free and friendly, no obligation,  discussion to explore your needs'.

What payment options are available?

All payment options will be discussed and agreed during the introductory discussion.  Companies will usually be invoiced monthly for work completed.  Private clients options include 'upfront' payment packages with bonus content and 'pay as you go' options.  Book your free and friendly introductory discussion now!

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