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Building an inclusive workplace

Enabling others to reach their potential

One of the biggest challenges organisations currently face is knowing how best to provide development initiatives that change management behaviours to positively impact diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace.  It seems that too many, well-intentioned training initiatives for managers can end up creating defensive reactions, as managers can end up feeling 'blamed' for the lack of equity leadership within the organisation.  


As June Sarpong states in her book '‘The Power of Privilege - How White People Can Challenge Racism’( 2020), to motivate managers to engage with the inclusion agenda, we need to show inclusion is better for everyone – a fairer system for all, enabling all to achieve potential and success.  As all managers have a key role to play in being an ally and inspiring more allies, this programme has been designed to enable behaviour development and discussion, whilst providing a constructive feedback mechanism for organisations about practical ideas that would support cultural change and sustain inclusiveness in day-to-day operations.  

This 1-day workshop explores factors shown to be particularly relevant for managers, including:

- Distinctions between equality, diversity, equity and inclusion

- Relevance of trust, equity and inclusion in terms of inclusive management

- Implications of privilege and promoting allyship

- Leadership behaviour and skills development that enables authenticity and belonging

- How to build inclusive teamworking habits


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