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coaching ex-changes

Manager Ex-changes © 

'Explain, explore and change' in collaboration with your peers

Do you have any on-going work issues that may need a new approach?

Do you want a collaborative and productive way to develop your own, best solutions?

Are you feeling a bit 'stuck' or isolated, and would benefit from developing some new, inspirational relationships?

As part of a small, select peer group, you will explore some of the more challenging aspects of work life, helping each other to gain insights and new ideas to take forward. 

Manager Ex-changes© are led by an experienced, qualified coach, where participants:​

  • Gain a broader view on issues, rather than tackling issues on their own.

  • Polish up their coaching skills

  • Co-create a practical and productive learning environment

  • Enable each other's wellbeing and resilience

  • Develop the confidence needed to experiment and change behaviour.   ​

Manager Ex-changes© are 2 hours in duration and held monthly, at a time and place agreed by the group.  

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