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TeamWellbeing and Resilience Coaching

Pulling together towards a more resilient life

When your team's wellbeing and resilience is high, they are better equipped to adapt and collaborate constructively within the context of significant adversity.  They can deal effectively with the friction and stress that can occur from everyday work pressures, and manage the challenges of change that cause  volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA).

There are many factors that can influence a team’s resilience capacity at any given time.  We can help your team identify and work on their unique resilience development priorities, to:

  • Sustain high levels of motivation and joint performance

  • Learn how to influence wellbeing and resilience across the team

  • ‘Be present’ and function well together

  • Set and respect each other's personal boundaries

A typical team programme consists of: A situational analysis consultation with the team; a series of 2.5 hr, confidential team coaching sessions; development activities; team coaching journal; programme impact review meeting.

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