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Communicating with Sign Languages

Resilient team communication

Generate greater team trust and understanding  

Some of the biggest challenges now faced at work, are how best to safeguard a team’s resilience and communicate effectively.  Emotions are ‘infectious’ and high strain experienced by one team member can inadvertently affect the level of strain experienced by the others.   Emotionally resilient teams invest time in activities that raise awareness of the impact of work pressures, generate more constructive, re-energising behaviours and mutual respect, whilst minimising negative, energy-draining behaviours and this programme can accelerate and sustain progress in these areas.


This programme consists of  a series of practical team coaching sessions framed around aspects of emotional intelligence that determine how well we manage our own emotions, handle relationships and communicate; aspects that play a key role in enabling specific team behaviours known further enhance and sustain team resilience, wellbeing and performance; namely team communication, cooperation and coordination.*

There are many factors that can influence a team’s communication and coordination at any given time.  We can help your team identify and work on their unique development priorities, to:

  • Increase self-awareness and emotional regulation skills

  • Confidently express personal views, feelings and needs

  • Enable others to express their views, feelings and needs

  • Engage in open, cooperative dialogue

  • Defuse disruption or conflict

  • Enhance team reflective practice and decompression skills

A typical team coaching programme consists of: A situational analysis consultation with the team; a series of 2.5 hr, confidential team coaching sessions; development activities; team coaching journal; programme impact review meeting.

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