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Team of Industrial Engineers

Leadership team coaching

Leading through growth and collaboration

  • How well is your leadership team building the right foundations? 

  • Do you have the energy and resilience needed for the next BIG development?, or

  • Do you need to go back to the drawing board and create a new set of blueprints together?   

A great leadership team doesn't take its success for granted.  It evolves, innovates and navigates the way ahead. *   Through consultation and tailored design, our  bespoke leadership team coaching programmes deliver the collaborative teamworking practices needed to optimise credible team leadership.

We can help you identify and work on your unique team performance priorities, to:

  • Update and re-connect with your service aspirations'

  • Explore the way ahead together

  • Identify necessary role refinements and implications

  • Optimise diverse strengths and a sense of belonging. 

  • Develop team cohesion, joint decision-making and manage information sharing.

  • Enable each other's wellbeing and resilience


A typical leadership team coaching programme consists of:
Initial consultation with the client; a series of 2.5 hr, confidential team coaching sessions; development activities; leadership team coaching report; programme impact review meeting.

*McKinsey, 2020

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