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Leadership development programmes

Inspire and orchestrate success

Leadership is a way of being and doing - not a job title.  For organisations to thrive, leadership needs to be demonstrated in diverse ways by many, rather than the few.  Our leadership programmes are structured to support your organisational needs' and equity aspirations'.  They can be tailored for either experienced or aspiring managers as well as under-represented groups such as women, people with disabilities and people from ethnic minority backgrounds, with one-to-one coaching and mentoring raising the likelihood of programme effectiveness four-fold (Olivero et al).

Through a range of learning methods, participants develop compassionate leadership behaviours (Atkins and Parker 2012) with a focus on relationship and communication development. Research shows that compassionate leadership results in more engaged and motivated staff, with higher levels of wellbeing (West, 2021) . 

A typical leadership development programme consists of: Initial consultation with the client; programme launch and development audit; individual coaching and mentoring sessions; 6 x workshops; distance learning; programme workbook; development activities; peer EX-change group and programme impact review.  Want to experience the expertise of Credibility Coaching Plus for yourself? Contact us today and let’s discuss what we can do together.

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