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Leadership coaching

Inspire and orchestrate success

Conductor Leading Orchestra

Leadership is a way of being and doing - not a job title. 

For organisations to thrive through transformational change, leadership needs to be demonstrated in diverse ways by many, rather than the few. 

Our leadership coaching plans can be tailored to your leadership and management framework and increase the effectiveness of leadership development programmes.​

We can help you identify and work on your unique leadership development priorities, to:

  • Enable and inspire others

  • Develop a strategic perspective

  • Innovate and focus on the future

  • Enable wellbeing and resilience

  • Collaborate and be a catalyst for change

  • Lead hybrid-working teams


A typical leadership coaching programme consists of: 

An initial leadership audit and objectives meeting with the client; a series of 6 x 1.5 hr confidential, individual coaching sessions; a personalised coaching journal, development activities; post-programme impact review with the client.

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